Membership dues are used for the operation of the Humane Society of Harrison County. The cost is $10.00 for an individual and $15.00 for family memberships. 

Members have no authority to vote regarding the control, operation, business, governance and/or management of the Society.  Members shall not be entitled to vote on the selection, replacement  or  termination of Directors.


Each eligible Member shall pay annual dues of $10.00 for an individual membership or $15.00 for family membership. The term of annual membership shall run from January 1st through December 31st of each year, the Society’s fiscal year. Dues will not be prorated. 

Members of the Society shall, upon written request, have the right to inspect all books, records, documents and the physical properties of the Society for any purpose determined by the Board to be consistent with the goals and purposes of the Society, and in the best interest of the Society. The Board reserves the right to withhold attorney-client privileged information and information discussed or developed in executive session. Members may be required to pay all reasonable costs associated with requests under this Section. 

No Member or Director will have any right, title or interest in any of the property or assets, including any earnings or investment income of this Society, nor will any property or assets be distributed to any member on its dissolution or winding up.


o Member or Director of this Society will be personally liable for its debts, liabilities, or obligations, nor subject to any assessment.